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Sohn Ji Yong(Korea)-

Global Issue

1. Brief description of the issue.
Alternative Energy :Energy that can be replaced or supplement traditional fossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas with solar, wind, or nuclear energy.

- Write THREE questions starting with "What if.....?" about "your global isse."
What if Alternative Energy was used all over the world instead of and fossil fuels?
What if someone found a way not to use fossil fuels and use alternative energy through out the world?
What if people never found alternative energy and used fossil fuels through out the world till it run out?

- Brainstorm and explain why the world should care about this issue.
The world should care about the issue because
  • The fossil fuels would run out and we would have to use the alternative energy
  • The alternative energy is cheaper and causes less pollution
  • It's environmental friendly


2. Why do you consider this a global issue? (Who does it affect? Where is it occurring? What proportion of the world is affected or will be affected in the future?)
I consider this a global issue because it’s estimated that all the fossil fuels would run out around the year 2060 and everybody would have to use alternative energy. There would be many changes in the world like car would need rebuilding to suit the alternative energy. Metals would not be made which would mean no buildings, cars, homes, and computers anything which is made out of metals. Also plastic would be made and anything which is made out of plastic, like bottles, computes and cell phones.

3. What are some of the different opinions/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)

Alternative fuels can boost pollution
Opinion: First off, liquid coal is not a real alternative fuel because ‘duh’ it’s still coal and thus still a normal fossile fuel. I mean that’s like turning liquid gasoline into a solid or a gas and calling it “an alternative fuel”. Second, corn ethanol is a waste of time and resources. Switchgrass on the otherhand, produces over 1,000 gallons per acre of ethanol. Roughly the same as corn and sugarcane put together and it’s Not a food source and can be more easily grown without as much crap.

Oil campanies
Opinion: It makes good sense for these companies to become energy companies rather than just producers of oil because it seems that as the oil runs out, they are going to have less and less of it to sell. Oil companies are looking for the golden egg of the next energy era.
Oil is Not Forever
Oil is not forever,
No matter how we endeavor,
To drill and pump,
The source will slump,
We need something better.

4. Why are there different opinion/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)
There are different opinions because people have different ideas about the issue, some people even have no idea what alternative energy is. Some people think that changing coal to a liquid form becomes alternative energy. Other people think that alternative energy produces more harmful gases which may have more effect on the environment.

5. What are your individual opinions on the issue? (each group memeber comments about this)

Jacinta: The world today has vastly changed, we are more concerned about money and material things than the environment. I think
our world should take care of they world so we can use natural resources instead of nuclear power that is very dangerous

Krishneel: Our fossil fuels are rapidly decreasing so we have to start thinking of alternative fuels that do not threaten the earth

6. What are some of the solutions to solve this global issue?

*To aware people that fossil fuel would run out one day and they would have to use alternative energy
*Aware people though adverting, posters and articles
*Using more alternative energy now so fossil fuel does not run out
*Make improvements to cars so that it can run on alternative energy and find other ways to make metals and plastics without using fossil fuels.

7. Who should carry out the solution(s)?
*Each and everyone should carry out the solutions because the issue would affect the whole world
* Scientist would solve the issue by finding ways to improve our day to day lives so we adapt to hydro, solar and wind power.
*The government, by funding the improvements which would take place to make the world pollution free.

8. Imagine your group is in charge of deciding what the world should do about the issue. Brainstorm the ways that you would solve your global issue. Justify your choice. (You will need to work together on this)