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Global Issue

1. Brief description of the issue.
- Write THREE questions starting with "What if.....?" about "your global isse."
*What if we ALL died from global warming, like.. tomorrow..?
What if the whole population of the world had to migrate to the moon because of global warming..?
*What if someone found a solution for global warming..?
- Brainstorm and explain why the world should care about this issue.

**I really think that the world should care about global warming, because if it got worse than it is now it would affect every single one of us, no matter how rich or powerful, no matter where we live, global warming would in some way impact every human on the planet. I also think that there's no really good reason not to care..! I mean sure, some of us will have probably been and gone by the time it happens, but what counts is now.. THE PRESENT..! If you had the chance to save millions and BILLIONS of people, why would you not care..??

2. Why do you consider this a global issue? (Who does it affect? Where is it occurring? What proportion of the world is affected or will be affected in the future?)
3. What are some of the different opinions/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)

4. Why are there different opinion/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)

5. What are your individual opinions on the issue? (each group memeber comments about this)

6. What are some of the solutions to solve this global issue?

7. Who should carry out the solution(s)?

8. Imagine your group is in charge of deciding what the world should do about the issue. Brainstorm the ways that you would solve your global issue. Justify your choice. (You will need to work together on this)