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Sophie-Toronto Ontario
Zaynah from New Zealand-

Global Issue - Human Rights

1. Brief description of the issue. - Write THREE questions starting with "What if.....?" about "your global issue."
  • What if human rights did not exist in Western societies ?
  • What if human rights were observed by the Islamic societies?
  • What if human rights had no influence and effect on people, around the world?
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

- Brainstorm and explain why the world should care about this issue.
  • I think that the world should care about the issue being 'Human Rights' because every individual is entitled to these fundamental rights.
  • Human rights are being abused around the world, thus people should care about this issue.
  • The world should care about this issue because alot of people (mostly in the Middle Eastern countries) are not allowed to exercise their human rights.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

2. Why do you consider this a global issue? (Who does it affect? Where is it occurring? What proportion of the world is affected or will be affected in the future?)
I consider this- Human Rights as a global issue because people's rights have been and are continuing to be abused throughout the world, even though it has been explicitly stated that all individuals are entitled to human rights as we are all humans.

AFFECT- The affect of this issue is directly on the people who's rights are being abused and as well as on civilians. This is because a people are restrained from practising their rightful freedom of speech and expression.

OCCURENCE- The issue around human rights are occuring widely in Middle Eastern countries (such as, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia,etc). However, countries in western societies, also deny and maltreat peoples rights e.g, United States, UK and other developed countries.

PROPORTION- There is a substantial proportion of human rights abuses throught the globe which are digusting and beyond tolerance. The affect of this extensive proportion of HR abuse has a big impact and will increase in the future, if actions are not taken to impede human rights abuses. I think that the Islamic societies would be affected the most because as years pass by, things around the world would become more advanced and yet people in the strict Islamic countries would not be able to apply any of the western lifestyles, as strict and servere actions would be taken against them. Thus, preventing people in practising THEIR rights.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

3. What are some of the different opinions/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)
Some of the different perpectives on Human Rights are-
Stated by: United Nations - disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind.
Stated by: International Labor Organization (ILO), A Global Alliance Against Forced Labor Report, 2005.- "......... Forced labor represents a severe violation of human rights and restriction of human freedom.... Many victims enter forced labor situations initially of their own accord, albeit throu
Contemporary Slavery in Rural Brazil
gh fraud and deception, only to discover later that they are not free to withdraw their labor. They are subsequently unable to leave their work owing to legal, physical, or psychological coercion."

Stated by: British Military- " put a stop to these abuses"
Stated by: A report by //Human Rights Watch// (March 2005)-
"Enforced disappearances in Chechnya are so widespread and systematic that they constitute crimes against humanity. Human Rights Watch urges the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to take urgent measures commensurate with the extreme gravity of the phenomenon."
Stated by:
Exhumations in Chechnya
Exhumations in Chechnya
A report by the //International Helsinki Federation// (March 30, 2005 )-

(Zaynah- New Zealand)

4. Why are there different opinion/perspectives on the issue? (Give examples, evidence and pictures to support your answers above)
5. What are your individual opinions on the issue? (each group memeber comments about this)
Well I think that mistreatment and abuse of Human Rights is an appallling act and should not be tolerated by anyone and anywhere in this world. All individuals are entitled to their rights, and no-one has been given the right to abuse others rights and misuse/exercise theirs in a way that'd harm others. People living in areas that have issues of Human Rights abuse, should indeed take a stand and take appropriate actions to stop such degrading treatment.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

6. What are some of the solutions to solve this global issue?
Some solutions or actions that could be taken to solve this global issue is by:
  1. Members of the public should gather around and Protest.
  2. People should take their concerns through media (T.V, radio, newspapers, etc)
  3. Having a 'March' or boycott.
  4. People should put their views on YouTube, Podcasts and blogs.
  5. Rally / Hunger strike.
  6. Citizens should take this matter to the Prime Minister
  7. Having a non-violent protest
  8. Contact the diplomat the country and raise concerns sho that changes coould be made.
  9. Confront the person abusing the rights
  10. War.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

7. Who should carry out the solution(s)?
The solutions above, should be carried out by
- the prime minister (e.g, getting media attention)
- The citizens, as it is their country in which such inhumane and misuse of Human Rights are occuring in. Therefore they have to take the responsibility of taking actions.
- The persons whose rights are being abused, itself. They need to take a stand and stop the issue from getting worse.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

8. Imagine your group is in charge of deciding what the world should do about the issue. Brainstorm the ways that you would solve your global issue. Justify your choice. (You will need to work together on this)
  • Put up posters or give out flyers. In a way, this is educating people on the issue around Human Rights, and so people would learn more from the posters because its always around- reminding them about this issue (as well as its attractive and colours attract people's attention).
  • Contact the country's Diplomat or the Prime Minister. Because they are the best people to take this matter of concern to. And they would be able to make a diiference quiet easily as they have the power to media, thus raising concerns and making civilians aware of this particular global issue.
  • Have a riot/protest, beacuse people are more likely to join in and support as a whole group rather than individually. This will also give them the opportunity to express what they want or what they think through banners, posters and verbally.
(Zaynah- New Zealand)

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