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This page is where you can share pictures, videos and other multimedia in order to introduce your school and your students.

Uijeongbu Science High School, South Korea

Uijeongbu Science High School is a public high school (year 10, 11 & 12 students) just on the northern boundary of Seoul, South Korea. Our school is a specialist science high school and students must do well in a special exam before they can enter the school. Our school, although a public school, has dormitories where students live for 6 or 7 days a week. The facilities are excellent and the school is only 3 years old. Our school has 100 grade 1 students (year 10), 100 grade 2 students (year 11) and only 36 grade 3 students (many students go to university one year early). Students work very hard in Mathematics and Science and study for long hours most nights.

Deer Park School, Toronto, Canada

Padre Alberto Neto High School (ESPAN), Queluz, Portugal

Aorere College, Auckland, New Zealand

Aorere College is located in Manukau City