What should I be doing?

Currently we are in the introduction phase of the project. Students are joining this wiki. Just request to join (left hand corner) and state who your teacher is and who you are. Your teacher will approve you. You may need to become a memeber of wikispaces first.
Remember, you cannot post your full name or e-mail here on the wiki -- if you do, the message will be deleted!!!! This is for your own safety. To communicate with each other use the discussion tab. The teachers will have a copy of your email addresses if you wish to use google docs to share ideas this way.

1. Which group am I in?

  • On the groups page, click on the link to find out who you are working with.

2. Start work on your wiki

Things that need to be done once:
  • Add your first name only to your wiki page under the “Creators” heading.
  • Create an RSS feed from your blog onto your wiki (optional).
  • Decide the primary language that you will edit in. You need 1-2 Senior Editors – they are in charge of making sure that the grammar and spelling is correct. They should be specified under the "Creators" heading as well as the type of English: American English, New Zealand English, etc. (eg. analyze and analyse, color and colour, artifact and artefact -- all correct English depending on your location in the world.)

Things that need to be done every time you come to work on your wiki:
  • Check the discussion tab (top of the page) to see what people have said so far.
  • Evaluate the wiki so far:
    • Is it easy to read?
    • Could you offer ideas to the person who last edited the wiki?
    • Post your evaluation on the discussion tab of the wiki.
  • Begin work – each day why you work on the wiki – when you are done, post a comment on the discussion tab letting others know what you did today. This makes it easier to “let everyone around the world know what you are doing.”

3. Help, I am stuck!

  • Sometimes it takes your teacher helping you!! All of the teachers meet continually, so talk to them! Alternatively ask your classmates, they will often be able to help you.


All groups will use the template on their group's page to complete the following tasks. This will keep your page neat and tidy. Remember that this is a formal project, that the world can see. You are now all international representatives for your school. Keep all your language formal and the "pretty added extras" to a bare minimum. You are being assessed on your thinking and how clearly and succinctly you can communicate your ideas, not on how "pretty" you can make something. Talk to your teacher if you are unsure what you should and should not include.

Task 1: Mini Photo Essay

A. Students work with the people from their school to complete a mini-photo essay on the following:
  • their school
  • their community
  • their city
  • their country

Groups should upload 2-3 images for each of the four categories above. Each photo should include a write-up of what each photo is showing and why it was selected. Sentence starters could be (but are not limited to)…
- This photo is showing...
- I chose this photo to represent our school/community/city/country because...

B. Groups should then write a summary paragraph for each of the categories. This paragraph should describe the category so that people from the 4Corners can gain insight into the corner of the world that you live in.

Task 2: Thinking Tasks

Brainstorm reasons why this picture could be relevant to your country. Make sure you give a reason for your ideas.

B. Brainstorm all the attributes for each of your countries. Combine the attributes of your countries and together create a new country with these new attributes. Be as creative as you like, as long as you use the attributes of all four countries. Tell us...
  • where it would be located and why you have chosen this location
  • how big it would be and why you have chosen this size
  • why we should visit your country
  • and what it would look like if we were to fly over it in a hot air balloon.