The 4Corners' 2007 Calendar

Here are the due dates in order to complete the 4Corners' Project 2007. Below is the embedded 4Corners' Project Calendar.


Due Dates
By Friday 19th October
  • All groups have been announced
  • Teachers have communicated project to school community (optional)
By Monday 22nd October
  • The Pre-Project begins
  • Students use the discussion tab on the wiki to communicate about their project
By Tuesday 23rd October
  • All students have joined the classroom wiki
By Wednesday 24th October
By Friday 2nd November
  • Students have finalised their wiki pages
By Sunday 4th November
  • Students will have finished their project
  • Group pages will be locked

Google Calendar

To add an event, click on an exisiting event and and click "add event". This will take you to the google log in page, where you log into your account, and it will then let you edit the calendar. Please do this as you need to.